History Club


This gave the Ardscoil students a chance to delve into their own local History and on Paul’s final visit it was clear to see how compassionate the members of the History club were towards their own personal Historical past.


In the photos attached are what the students saw and shared on the final visit from Paul, some of these include; A bandage from WWII with instructions for soldiers (should they ever need to use one while in battle), An officer’s ‘swagger stick’ (used the maintain the upright posture and march of an army officer); A coin with JFK on it from 1964 (one year after his assassination); Polish Army and officer medals (a primary source from one of the History club members, Michael Pleskot-Mee whose grandfather fought for the Polish army and was a police officer); A sealed tin of ‘Drinking Water’ from the Titan Missile Centre that was issued during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962); as well as a very rare book written by Nicholas Whittle, the only man to be buried twice in Tramore after the pickardstown ambush (a great grandfather of one of the History club members, Liam Butler, who brought in the primary source).



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