Mr. Donnelly in Kenya

We were delighted to receive these photos from Mr. Donnelly in Kenya. The Peace and Justce group linked up with Thunder Foundation that helps homeless children access shelter and education. Having raised €500 from the halloween dress up day we sent the money to the foundation who were so grateful. 

The report on how the money was spent:
After getting the great news from Tramore about your €500 fundraising donation, Raad and the team from the thunder foundation have been prioritising what to do with the money.
Most of the group of ex street boys are in secondary school where they are mainly preparing for a trade but also have academic subjects. They need school uniforms, school books and tools for their trades. The boys were measured up for uniforms and these were ordered. There is money left over for books and tools so your €500 has gone a long way and make a big difference to these lads. Every penny will go directly on things the boys need. 
The pictures of the new uniforms modeled by our students show the happiness and appreciation that the students had for your kind donation.
Thanks to all,
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